Stills photography is relatively simple. When it come to video there are many more factors to take into account.

Initially we like to have an outline chat. To understand your location, objectives, lead times and assess the feasibility of shooting at your desired location(s). Once we've done this we will email you a quote and perhaps send examples of other similar projects which may assist with the visualising and agreeing what and how we are going to film for you.

We can handle all elements of planning and client / management liaison. We are a 2-man filming crew. We are very efficient and keep any disruption to a minimum.


Once filmed we will create a 'rushes' reel showing the highlights of what was filmed


We then handle the post-production. Editing, colour grading, copy handling, logos as well as select licensed, potential music tracks for you to approve.

Lead times on film production are very much seasonal and dependent on work loads however we would look to turn rushes around in 48 hours and a finished film to approve a few days after that.

It may be that you want a variety of lengths of films. 30 second teasers, 60 sec versions for social media and longer versions for websites. 

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Brief / creative concept

Site / management liaison

Risk assessment & public liability

Efficient & non-intrusive filming

CAA PFCO No. 248

Aerial & ground based filming

Aerial & ground based photography

Shooting full 4k / UHD

Steady cams, sliders, drones

Interviews / sound



Post-production, editing & colour grading

Titles / graphics / logos / copy

Sound & Music licensing

Delivery of single film or multiple length films

for cross platform promotion

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